Passing the Thread

From Los Angeles’ Grace Mahary, founder of Project Tsehigh (@projecttsehigh), our thread has passed to Toronto’s Britt Bergmeister (@brittbergmeister), a model activist, intersectional environmentalism supporter, and founder of On Duty Citizen (@ondutycitizen).  You may be familiar with her popular hashtag #sustainableissexy.  We are very excited to have Britt as our muse and share how she makes “a better tomorrow” by highlighting her vibrant thread.
Britt’s journey into sustainability began with her involvement with the Model Activist Group (@modelactivist).  Founded by Cameron Russell (@cameronrussell) and Áine Campbell (@ainerosecampbell), the group opened the dialogue about how models can utilize their social platforms to advocate for causes important to them.  It was here that model activists began prompting discussions about climate change, sustainability, and women’s rights within the fashion industry.  
Soon after, in January 2017, Britt and her mother, Maria Bromley, co-founded On Duty Citizen (ODC).  ODC offers an all-inclusive space designed to better equip you with making calculated decisions with your purchasing power.  The goal is to normalize sustainable shopping by encouraging smart consumerism.  The duo keeps transparency at the forefront of all product promotion and highlights why sustainable curations are a better choice.  You don’t have to worry if something was made ethically or sustainably because they researched for you. Much of ODC’s contribution to sustainability is making it easily accessible for everyone to have resources to shop more consciously.  This is present in the platform’s posts - ranging in topics from The Sunrise Movement x The Green New Deal, Citizens of the Month, showcasing BIPOC owned businesses, interviews with ethical designers, Clean Beauty, and more. 
The message is clear in ODC’s passion for spreading awareness and amplifying the voices of like-minded individuals.
ODC and Britt inspire us to be actively conscious of our everyday decisions by reminding us that it’s not about toeing the line with sustainability - it’s about taking steps to cross into it, seven days a week. To Britt, a Led Zeppelin fan, we say, “Babe! Babe! Keep doin’ it, babe!”
Next up: From Toronto to New York City - Britt Bergmeister is Passing the Thread to Anne Therese, a Climate Optimist.  Unsure of what being a Climate Optimist entails? Stay Tuned. Stay Sustainable. Stay Sexy. Seven All Around. Until next time, #SAAFriends.
To learn more about Britt and ODC, visit here.