Passing the Thread


Our Passing the Thread friend relay campaign is about connecting the world in raising awareness about the importance of sustainability in hopes of being joined together by threads from all around the globe. From one thread to another, SAA is constantly being inspired by girls who are delightedly caring for the earth and making a better tomorrow. Together in our passion for sustaining the earth, pass on your thread and join us in healing our planet and living sustainable lives. 


Grace is our beloved muse in the journey of creating the collection for "A better tomorrow". Grace founded Project Tsehigh @projecttsehigh in 2015, with a mission to provide uninterrupted energy to impoverished communities around the world via renewable energy sources, starting in Eritrea, her parents’ homeland. Grace’s true heart is inspiring Seven All Around to keep our mission toward sustainable fashion. 



From LA to Toronto, Grace Mahary has nominated and passed her thread onto Britt Bergmeister. Both ladies are connected through their passions for sustainable fashion and love for the planet.