Seven All Around creates shoes that function 7 days a week.  We strive to bring you footwear that is both elegant and supremely comfortable, for everyday of the year.

Our natural resources inspire every step of our process - so protecting the source is a constant priority.  We use sustainable and recycled materials to create all of our designs.  The collection will bring focus and funds for nature conservation and rescue efforts, while advancing the aesthetics and possibilities of sustainable fashion.

Designer Heesung Choi is a Seoul native who calls NYC home.  She helmed the creative direction for both rag & bone and Public School.

Heesung's mother is a diver, and introduced her to countless coral reefs and majestic underwater worlds that exist below the sea.  This love for the oceans and its preservation has become sacred to Heesung, and central to the core values of Seven All Around.  Combining her two passions - conservation + creativity - Seven All Around was born.