Passing the Thread with Hannah Holman

On toe with Covid times, our thread has traveled within cautionary interstate lines, moving from New York City's resident beauty guru Dawn Gallagher to New York City model and activist Hannah Holman (@hannah_utah). Join us as we highlight our latest muse’s thread.

Far from the abundance of The City That Never Sleeps, Hannah grew up the youngest of four children in Leamington, Utah. Her family's 3,000-acre cattle ranching property immersed the future urbanite into an early appreciation and understanding of wildness in nature. An adept western-style horseback rider, she often aided her father on the ranch and ran cattle drives several times a year. At the age of 15, her life took an unexpected turn while being scouted at a shopping mall.

Since she departed from open pastures, Hannah has presented as a distinguished model, often setting herself apart from others. Especially with her campaign and editorial work, having modeled for the likes of Miu Miu, Vogue, i-D, Love, Marc Jacobs, and more. Her 2011 editorial for Marc Jacobs Daisy, shot by Juergen Teller, even lends a nod to her horseback riding expertise where she sits atop a horse bareback.

In recent years she's been very focused on advocating for the Amazon Rainforest and educating the benefits of reforestation. She ran a fundraiser with One Tree Planted (@onetreeplanted), where she extended her platform to bring awareness to the mitigation of CO2 levels and the importance of reforestation. The fundraiser donations amounted to planting 2,532 trees in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. Hannah further advocates for reforestation organizations like Rainforest Alliance (@rainforestalliance), Arcadia Earth (@arcadiaearth), and Ecosia (@ecosia) on her social platforms. Easily actionable, Ecosia is an internet web browser that plants trees with your searches for free. Their servers run on 200% renewable energy, and every search request through them offsets 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

Jumping to circa now, Hannah's activist spirit continues to gain momentum in advocating for ethical fashion and fair wages alongside The Circle (@thecirclengo). Founded in 2008 by Annie Lenox, the organization focuses on "Championing women's rights in the developing world by inspiring women to connect and take action towards a better and more equal future."

Recently, Hannah debuted a zine created in collaboration with Shea Daspin (@sheadaspin) and Ashleigh Ciucci (@beauteousmax) that was shot by Eric T. White (@mrwhite_). The self-titled zine, Hannah, will direct all proceeds to Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (@protectwildutah).


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