SAA Colab

In late September 2019, we released the Seven All Around collaboration with Precious Plastic. Inspired by the unbounded creativity we could achieve together, we wanted to share the process of repurposing plastic materials into decorative charms for our shoes. We worked with Tom Kochtitzky of the Precious Plastic Universe to bring our perfect plastic pairing to the walks of life.
Precious Plastic, an open-source collective, was started by Dave Hakkens in 2013 during his time at the Design Academy of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Now the Precious Plastic Universe has grown exponentially, in pursuit of alternatives to reduce plastic pollution via community building, machine craftsmanship, social platforms, and free knowledge. The practice of repurposing plastic is now refreshingly conceptualized in colorful furniture, construction materials, modular units, and Seven All Around’s very own special marbled shoe charms.
How exactly do one’s laundry detergent bottles go from forgotten-in-the-recycling-bin to inspirational? Our journey begins with the selection of different colored plastic flakes that have been input into Precious Plastic’s Shredder Machine. We choose contrasting colors of bright red, cobalt blue, ochre, clear, white, and black. Can you imagine the household items these may have come from?
The flakes are then caringly arranged inside a pallet to be pressed with a heat induction sheet press. Voila! The melted plastic is now molded into a Pollock-esque sheet. The resulting spread of the colors is both beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Finally, the sheet is expertly laser cut into the marbled charms that adorn our knit collection.
Our precious plastic pairing is seen here with our No.10 Ankle Boots.
On toe with the Precious Plastic mission statement, “Small steps, multiplied by millions,” know that when you are walking in the Seven All Around x Precious Plastic collaboration capsule, you are not only wearing a piece of art but also taking many small steps throughout the day to reduce plastic waste. We are proud and excited to have you join our journey in making this world a better place.